3 Acne Prevention Tips

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The exact cause of acne is unknown. Despite the endless research that has been done to date, nothing has ever been conclusive as to what causes acne. According to Journal Of  Investigative Dermatology the main reason people develop acne is due to hormonal imbalance and more importantly the environmental factors such as dust, kitchen fumes or traffic fumes. 

With the onset of puberty we begin to produce male hormones called androgens. These hormones stimulate the oil glands in the skin and cause the pore clogging. The extra oil in the skin mixes with dead skin cells and the bacteria found on the surface of the skin. As a result the pores are clogged and brew the inflammation which can contribute to painful zits or acne. 

 Natural health professionals agree that acne  comes from within. Only you can cure it. You need to look at your lifestyle and correct skin care products that you use at home. Protect your skin daily by moisturizing it with a light, water based moisturizer. By the way oil-free product is not what you should look for. Those products contain synthetic oils which you absolutely don't need on the skin that is acne prone.  Learn more about oil-free controversy in my other blog posts on www.zitzapperbar.com
Acne, severe skin disorder affecting hundreds upon hundreds of folks around the globe. This ruthless disorder affect you mentally as much as physically.
Over the past little while, a considerable amount of skin care professionals and acne experts have researched many different ways to prevent the formation of acne. Fortunately though, these specialists have been trained to out with a large number of different beneficial tips that may be a big aid in experiencing acne problems. Relating to chosen three of the simpler but powerful acne helpful tips, that can be used starting today to eliminate your skin up.

It a weekend and you wake up with a big zit on your chin.What to do?

Acne Helpful Tip 1: Wash Your Face Twice Daily or incredibly Gently.
Some experts tell that you need to gently clean the affected area twice a day by using a mild cleanser, I like to recommend Cetaphil as made for those with sensitive skin. I know it seems like real simple though this tip alone can possibly be extremely beneficial when it comes to fighting acne, since you will surely be washing away excess oil and bacteria from see your face, back, or neck. Also, you could have been told you should scrub see your face, this happens to be false simply because it will only worsen the condition by irritating your skin surface and allowing the affected region that may well get infected.
Acne Helpful Tip 2: Refrain From Frequently Touching Your face.
Another helpful tip is usually to avoid touching your face that often. Don't pick, squeeze or pinch your pimples because this will only complicate matters. A number of people assume that it alone is the most important advice given just because that they recognize that doing these could create infection and scars. Also, using this tip you ought to avoid rubbing and touching your skin lesions along with you.
Acne Helpful Tip 3: Choose Your Skin Care Wisely.
This last helpful tip is wonderful for women who wear a lot of make-up, as some cosmetics aren't acne friendly. While searching through your makeup bag ensure that any of your foundation, eye shadow, blushes, and moisturizers are made for your skin. No anti aging products such as glycerin or waxes are allowed for your skin type.  The last thing you need is to have your make-up to clogging your pores and causing more acne. On this note please pay attention to your hair products. By the end of the day any hair oil will inevitably land on your face and you can develop acne on the neck and your hairline.

I recognize that it can be very challenging at times to find the correct skin care products to help your acne prone skin. The truth is that it will cost you less to follow recommendations of your skin care professional who after in depth analysis recommends a correct skin care. It is very important that you understand that you might try too hard and overdo with your own trial-and-error skin care routine. It is not that complicated and not that expensive to it right in the first place. Try these suggestions and have great looking skin.

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