3 Ways Of Erasing Skin Aging Naturally

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Welcome to your face story. I’m Yolanda Russo, skincare expert and founder of Beauty On Command Natural Facelift. I believe the Mother Nature is here on our side and the ability to self repair allows anyone to reverThis signs of aging naturally, why am I talking about it? It is because recently I’ve been asked a lot of questions about anti aging quick fixes, beauty elixirs, vampire facials, and other things in that category.We are meant to self repair, we can heal ourselves and our face is a reflection of our state of being. So don’t look for creams and lotions and potions and needles to fix your face where you have to really take it from inside out. And we are going to be going into that a little later on. But the most important thing is you have to feel good in order to look good. So if you’re not feeling good Don’t even go outside because you’re not going to look good. Don’t put makeup on, because you’re going to put too much. So get yourself aligned, get yourself grounded. Breathe out or do whatever you’ve learned in the past. Yoga, a lot of you have taken classes, right? We’re going to be talking about it later on. So anything that you can apply to get yourself out of the mood. Or if you have to stay in the mood, you’re allowed to fear, face your emotions, don’t discard them. Okay, so that said, If you survive the last six months, you can survive anything. So trust me, we can take it from here, and let’s move on. So it’s September back to work back to school and you’re looking at yourself and deciding that you’ve aged, and you must look like your mom by now. That’s true. It might be. It might be true, but it’s reversible.

And I see women in their 70s and 80s. Look 10 years younger after they apply the principles that I teach, and methods that I actually hand them to you that you take it home and you practice you practice and you use home remedies. I like to use kitchen to our advantage. So whenever you make a green juice, you drink it, you supply nutrients to your body, and take the rest of it what’s in the cup and put it all over the face and the face is going to be happy and glowing. Your body is going to be glowing. Same applies to smoothies. Just anything you can eat, and, and you enjoy eating because there are some foods that I’m going to say don’t eat them, because if you’re not digesting them, you don’t want them on the face, because you will get sensitive to it. Avocados, blueberries, yogurts, green juices, even egg yolk. DIY’s are wonderful but there is more of the help available to you when you find a skin care professional who can lead you in the direction of success to get your skin on on the right path. So not only that, you can look good and everybody’s going to be jealous and wondering, have you gotten this Vampire Facial or this is you. So it Just trust me, there is a way and everything is repairable, nothing is permanent. And that is up to you. Because once you decide is permanent it will be. So I want to give you this piece of hope.

It seems like the quarantine is over and we are beginning to move around more and and noticing that people are kinder and have more passion for life. I don’t see people glued to their phones any longer, everyone seem to be more present. Now I see people looking at each other actually caring about each other. And I like that if that was the change that we needed. Okay, so I’m going to give you the title of our talk is three ways of erasing those signs of aging. So the first one I already mentioned is DIY. You have this at home, you can do this every single day. Just find a way of getting healthier, and then use this on your face. So that’s how simple So the second thing is that looking for those elixirs of youth, because you don’t need 10 million products on your face. You actually need three, the cleanser, the serum which is full of nutrients to stimulate collagen and the moisturizer. That’s it. So of course the eye moisturizer so These are the two things, three things. And then the third step is self care. You should be an expert on yoga by now everyone on the planet took yoga classes, and you found a way of finding the right instructor because not everyone fits your style. So by now you know which way to go to get yourself more in balance more in harmony with your body with the environment.

Let me introduce to today’s guest, Kristi Sullivan. She’s an expert on self care. Kristi co authored a book The Great Pause during the time when everyone needed some hope. Thank you.Yes, yes, thank you for mentioning the book. It’s a great book that just came out in the last two weeks, and Amazon but you can also always contact me for a copy, but it’s called the Great pause. And really the author’s that came together and they were about 20 to 25 of us who each wrote a chapter about how we are seeing this pandemic and this isolation since March. And I think the theme that runs through it is that this is a time to pause and a great time to take a view inside at our inner selves, which I love goes very hand in hand with what you’re talking about with not just outer beauty, but the inner beauty. So looking at At this time as a way to enter, reflect, and for me in my chapter I talk about self care as a great way for people to women, especially these days to understand how to nurture themselves take care of themselves, and what they need from the inside out. And there is so much going on so much stress and and overwhelm for people during these last few months. But it also is an opportunity for us to slow down and perhaps do things like take that yoga class if you haven’t taken it, or try those three products like you’re talking about and do things for yourself that are that is really nurturing and important to us right now. And I think now, most of us are looking into the world of virtual everything. So with that, I want to mention that if you are not in the vicinity of my facial spa, you can now have a virtual consultation with me and I will lead you through the steps to get yourself out and do things for yourself for your skin, of course, and then you can reverse some of the signs of aging on your own. So, I am going to post the link later on to show you where where you can book the appointment, let me just see. Okay, and now we’re going to talk about the link Later on, I’m going to put it in a chat room.

So right now I’m going to ask Kristi about tips on how to prepare for relaxation and what to do and how we can actually do that at home.Yeah, it’s important right now that we find ways to do things. Perhaps it’s right here at home, or right outside our door. And you mentioned something called human design that I’ve studied where we’re all very different energy. We’re all energetic beings. Maybe this is new for you, but with different energy, maybe different. Self Care is is needed. Not the same for necessarily everyone but I’ll talk about some that you can do at home. But like Yolanda even mentioned, sometimes finding not just the right type of yoga style, but even a different instructor that really fits for your energy is important. So right now is a great time to try different things. Maybe going online to maybe do some yoga and find a style that you like. I love that idea to have the green juice because that’s self care too. And making sure you find there’s so many different ways to do green juice. What do you like what is your body like? And I love that tip of of adding it to your face as well at the end. So self care is customized and whether you’re doing skincare self care with Yolanda and finding out what fits your skin or I offer also a online self care platform to help you find what fits you but self care is important too. do every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. It’s important, it’s essential. And we need to make it a priority instead of a reward. So rather than say, Oh, I did so well, this week, I did good my business, or now it’s time to have a reward of a massage or yoga or a facial. It’s important to actually say, wait a second, the self care has to be come every day as a priority. And it’s and it’s essential. So even taking a few breaths at home and we’ll do that practice in a little bit too so that you can take a few breaths and just do a few moments of self care.And repeat that daily. You’d be so happy because you can apply this to every step. Every step you do during the course of the day, the breathing, the other, the exercise, stretching, drinking, water, juicing, all those little things add up. So I wanted to ask you, Kristi, what is Self Care? Yeah, I love You’re showing this this slide with a few examples. It could be having that green juice in the morning, staying hydrated through the day. Being aware of your feelings and taking care of your emotions. So maybe throughout the day, just even if you need to set a timer just so that you bring some attention back to yourself. healthy foods are so important. What are you eating, noticing what you’re eating, and maybe you’re also Planning ahead and saying these are the you know, things I’m going to do during this week. Spending time outside nature can be so healing. So maybe scheduling some time in for a walk maybe in the morning maybe at lunchtime or right in the evening. Also reflecting what is important and I love that you have this giving love to yourself forgiving yourself. Maybe it’s reflecting back on things that you’re that don’t make you feel good and understanding about them and then accepting and also releasing those things. So it can be various things and maybe it’s a little bit every day have something different so that your energy then becomes more vibrant from the inside out. Love yourself so that you can love others. Forgive yourself so that you can forgive others, except yourself so that you can accept others. And it is so true. And yes, this is going to stay there. And that’s going to be marked as post COVID mentality. That is a great point that what you do for yourself has a ripple effect on others. When you give yourself love, it’s easier to love others when you forgive yourself. You can forgive others, and it starts more powerfully on the inside. And when you do that, it’s like putting what I say the oxygen mask on your face. That is so true. I think we have grown up in a culture where women encouraged to focus on others before themselves. And this is why we have such a hard time accepting the fact that put the oxygen mask on yourself first. . And yes, you have the permission from the universe to take care of You. So, can we ask you to please lead us in a direction of that the preparation for yoga or for anything else that we do if you don’t like yoga, then meditation, everything is applicable. The first thing is probably the breath and getting yourself aligned grounded. Absolutely and actually, Yoga means connection with mind and body and spirit. And meditation is a way to do that. But breathing is also another way as is the yoga that you know, which is moving into Stretching. But what I want to talk about is a way to just take a few moments of self care by breathing. So we’re going to let go and do a few breaths. Is that okay? We’ll do it right now. Yeah. So if your viewers wherever they are, and if you’re driving, don’t do this. But if you’re seated in a house or office, you can place your feet on the floor and close the eyes and, and stay tall with your spine. And I’m going to have you just take a nice breath in through your nose breathe out through the mouth. Make it nice and long. Take another inhale. Exhale through the mouth and let your shoulders relax.And we’ll just do a few more at this time. Just breathe through the nose, in and out. Just feel your feet. As you take these breaths, very simple, no need to do anything else. And we’ll end with one more deep breath in through the nose out through the nose.Just notice if you’re feeling any calmer.And then when you’re ready, you can open the eyes. Let go and relax. Yes, I feel that. I prefer to have no shoes when I do the breathing I feel more grounded. Well, the’s actually true because the rubber soles cut off the connection with the source. So if you can be barefoot, even in the morning, your self care could be walking outside in the grass for a few minutes. Go and enjoy the walks in the morning especially on grass bare feet. So now I have no excuse, and I enjoy it thoroughly and I think that’s really really refreshing. Because the, the foot has a lot of receptors just like our body, our face, it has a lot of receptors that if stimulated, they can relax you, or reground you pretty instantly. so wonderful. Okay, so I am so, so happy to meet you, Kristi. And I wanted to know if people want to follow you or find a way to get to take your class or, or do something such as human design, which I don’t know if many people know what that is. Butif you wanted to touch on it, what is human design?Yeah, and I just left in the chat where peoplecan find me on facebook and join a free group for information on an inspiration on self care. It’s called Kristi’s self care tribe, our friend, as I mentioned, if you’re customizing self care and you want to understand what are the best ways for you for your energy to receive that self care, I do something called human designing integrate that in which is understanding your energetic blueprint, helping you get into the body and understand it’s much more in depth than let’s say astrology. It’s about you specifically, and what you were included or programmed back when you were born into this earth plane. So it’s, it’s a really great and complex system, but I help guide you in just some information that can be helpful to living your design and living in an easy way to more authentically and To live your best life.I love that it’s very complicated when I was being explained when someone was explaining this to me, so I kind of gave up on trying to understand it. And I said, Okay, so let’s have a session. So I did have a session, and I do understand now what it means.

Oh, I like you took my business also online during COVID. So I do Human Design virtually by zoom. I also teach yoga online Tuesday and Thursday mornings and other times during the week online. And also I have a self care membership I mentioned which is all virtual. I have groups and coaching that I do one on one.Yeah, so I love that because now people will be attached to the phones looking for some self help and people who In their vicinity who are aligning with their purpose, not the headlines, not the steady diet of negative news or the phone that constantly things for no reason. So I prefer this virtual than the previous virtual. In closing, attempt to connect the body and mind into one. The face is part of it.

Look younger and feel younger naturally.

3 Ways Of Erasing Skin Aging Naturally

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