Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients

Why Peptides Are Called Food For The Skin?

BOC FIrming Peptide

Peptides occur naturally in every cell of every living thing. They communicate with our cells and signal them to act in a certain way. They are composed of multiple amino acids that are chemically linked together in a chain. Proteins like collagen, elastin, integrin and laminin are all comprised of peptides. Human skin is composed mostly of collagen, a protein ...

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Re Train Your Face

Do you remember the time when your skin always looked good no matter what you were eating and how many hours of sleep you have gotten? I agree most of us are noticing this change as soon as we turn 35. In the book Retrain Your Face: A Simple Guide To Looking Younger at 50 and Beyond talks about the ...

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What if you could look younger?

Even if you can’t stop time, you can reverse the signs of aging by focusing on your health.  This may sound too simplistic at first but without you being healthy and strong you can’t look younger. Lack of sleep depletes energy that shows up under the eyes and when it continues for a long time it shows up on your jawline as ...

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How Do You Get The Elixir Of Youth

Oxygen is vital to life what about the face? Take a look at Shirley receiving the Hollywood loved facial treatment. The special ingredients Hylauronic acid, stem cells, nano peptides and much more are placed into the pressurized probe and then applied to the skin with the oxygen. Oxygen Infusion is the best before going to a special event, wedding and ...

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