Re Train Your Face

Do you remember the time when your skin always looked good no matter what you were eating and how many hours of sleep you have gotten?

I agree most of us are noticing visible changes in our complexion by the age of 40. But as you’ll read in the book Retrain Your Face: A Simple Guide To Looking Younger at 50 and Beyond Yolanda Russo, skin care expert talks about ways of reversing the skin aging naturally.

I believe that the old phrase “Beauty Is Skin Deep” is no longer true. Today, “Beauty Is Mind-Body Deep.”

The skin of the face is a window to your state of being. When you are stressed the face show the frown lines. When tired you notice the dark circles. When you have a headache, the face looks pale and drawn. We wear stress on our faces. The good news is that your body is very forgiving in that as soon as you become more physically active, the muscles regain their strength and stamina. In the same way, with a small effort and know-how-to, you can exercise your face into looking younger naturally.

The fact is that skin aging begins the moment we are born. Let’s not label our skin mature before we are ready for that. Regrettably, our society still has not changed its paradigms. Even though we age, most of us don’t feel like we are senior citizens at 50. Most people want to look and feel younger regardless of their actual age. More proof that aging has a lot to do with a mindset was provided in a study done in the late fall of 1981 by a Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer.

Ellen recruited eight healthy men in their 70s. Some of them who walked with canes, others who shuffled their feet, quickly agreed to participate in this radical experiment of time travel. She believed that people needed to go through psychological ‘prime’ for the body to take corrective measures on its own to heal the symptoms of old age. All eight volunteers were stationed in a monastery in New Hampshire that was staged with artifacts of 1959. As they opened the door to the ‘men’s house’ all they saw was a vintage radio, black and white tv, their pictures, books and magazines and other details depicting the life and culture of 1959. They were instructed to think and act as if they were living in 1959, 22 years earlier. The experiment was to take five days. During this experiment, the men acted much younger than what they actually were. Amazingly, their biomarkers outperformed the control group and suggested that the mind can accept a new reality at any given time.

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