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Why Peptides Are Called Food For The Skin?

BOC FIrming Peptide

Peptides occur naturally in every cell of every living thing. They communicate with our cells and signal them to act in a certain way. They are composed of multiple amino acids that are chemically linked together in a chain. Proteins like collagen, elastin, integrin and laminin are all comprised of peptides. Human skin is composed mostly of collagen, a protein ...

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Re-Train Your Face

Your face shows what is happening in your body and mind. When you are stressed, you frown. When you are worried you stop breathing and stop smiling causing deep folds around the mouth and your forehead. When your diet is lacking the most needed nutrition your face may sag or begin looking grayish. Lastly, when you decide to spend hours ...

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The Law Of Vibration and Beauty

What are the main reasons we age prematurely? Yolanda,skin care expert and a life coach explains As Albert Einstein said “Everything In Life Is Vibration” We are surrounded by the energy of vibration that we can feel but can NOT see. When we are depressed or tired, our vibration is lower than when we are happy, which causes us to ...

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Acne and Digestion

  Most of the time you know what foods you are sensitive to. Apple cider vinegar, fermented foods, raw milk and exercise greatly support your digestive system.

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