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Emotions are a glue that hold mind and body together. And it is when you are stressed your face shows it, it is almost as if your life story is being written on the face. But the same applies to when you are happy and content with life, your face radiates and everyone around you comes towards you. People gravitate to those that are happy. When you are happy you always look good!

Life pressures and harmful stressors contribute to the emotions etching creases on our faces. Fortunately, we can change this by making meditation and gratitude an important part of our life. Start your morning with loving thoughts and intentions to set the tone for the rest of the day, and later rehearse your day and find something good that happen that day, what you are grateful for even if is a very small thing. Let’s remember to praise ourselves for each day the same as you praise others. Once you take care of your mind then you can take steps to improve your lifestyle by improving on your diet and exercise to support your healthy well-being.

Let’s remember, self care is self love, you can’t wait for something or someone outside of you to make you happy, you need to be happy with who you are. You are enough. You are perfect the way you are and once you embody those thoughts you are then able to love unconditionally and attract people who can take you in the direction of your dreams. And from there it is easy to open up to possibilities the world has to offer.

Nothing outside of you will make you happy unless you are happy with yourself.

Eckhart Tolle in The Power Of Now
Relaxing Music Curated Just For You

When you are stressed, you frown causing deep V line between your eyebrows. When you are worried and retreat from life and place yourself in a ‘cocoon’ of imaginary world while deciding you can’t be happy. Once you withdraw from the reality and wait for something to happen to make you alive again, you stop smiling and that in itself shows your story around the mouth. When you are not moving the face muscles they lose strength just like the muscles in your arms or legs. The deep groove around the mouth is a result of that. The skin will lose the bounce and begin to sag very quickly. Lastly, when you decide you’ll become addicted to your phone and spend hours on checking messages, you’ll be granted a double chin. Just like that!

But there is hope, and it is in your hands. All you need is your willingness to find an esthetician to guide you and then follow a plan. Your hands are the tools that can get you there quickly. If you need help request a Virtual Consultation with Yolanda, skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa.

Yolanda Russo, Skin Care Expert at Speranzi Facial Spa is an advocate of HOPE and she offers POSSIBILITIES to reversing skin aging naturally.

It is possible to look younger naturally, but unless you understand what contributes to your skin aging. Before you go out spending lots of money on expensive lotions and potions and get disappointed focus on your well-being first. There is a way of correct your skin problems naturally through an effective professional facial treatment to revive the energy within the cells and your daily effort of stimulating the face by massaging it for 5 min a day. When you energize the muscles with fresh blood circulation they will start working harder and become stronger as a result you’ll look younger. As you see, there is a better way. The natural way and Beauty On Command can get you there, without putting your body at risk by doing something invasive.

Before you start focusing on the skin you need to find peace and relaxation within yourself. Peaceful meditation and practice of gratitude let your mind and body to become more present so that you can enjoy the little things that you might not be noticing when stressed.

How to generate the feeling of gratitude in the midst of adversity? Even though you might not see it right away, try to imagine it. Bring back to your mind something that made you really happy in the past; the last vacation , birth of your child, babysitting your grandchild….

How does this thought make you feel? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you feeling grateful? Hold this feeling in your mind and your body for 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 5 minutes and so on. Everytime life throws a curveball at your go back to this thought that made you smile. Just know that by coming back to this grateful feeling you’ll effectively reprogram your mind so that you can always be happy. Your skin will brighten, the wrinkles and worry lines will become less deep. And you might just be more inclined to find the good in life and tune out the negative. Practice makes it perfect!

Want A Youthful and Glowing Skin?

Clear your mind, get plenty of rest and try to eat healthy.

Saddy, it all slides down from 25 years of age, our body begins to deplete its own collagen which is the glue that holds everything together, at the rate of 1%-2% each year. As a result our skin becomes thinner and blood vessels become more fragile causing broken capillaries and skin sagging. By the time you are 50 years old you have lost 25%-40% of the collagen and a healthy lifestyle can help you reverse some of this damage. During this time you need to become familiar with facial treatments and good skin care products that can support your skin. This would be a good time to find a skin care professional who can help with all of that and teach you home remedies so that you can take control over skin aging at home. Face massage is one of my favorite ways to keeping the skin and face muscles younger.

Is is possible to get back the youthful look?

The good news is aging has very little to do with our genes, 70% of how we age is determined by the lifestyle we lead.

Thanks to Albert Einstein, one thing is sure, the energy can not be created nor destroyed but it can be generated. What if you knew how to Re-Train Your Face by doing same gym for your face?


LED Therapy

Anti Aging Skin Care

We live in a quickly evolving world and as of this week our routines and busy schedules have been turned upside-down the coronavirus scare. Most of us out of solidarity are home bound and have some time to reflect on what’s important to us as we focus on What Is. Eckhart Tolle in his book Power Of Now talks about the strength and wisdom comes from within when we pay attention to the present moment.

Knowing that our skin wears down with age, stress and lack of attention can cause unwanted results, you need to take care of the best way you can. In an effort to help our clients keep up with the monthly facial treatments, Yolanda, skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa implemented an alternative to a traditional facial treatment–light facial that doesn’t require any human touch–LED Therapy.

LED has been studied by NASA and it has shown to be beneficial for our mind and the skin alike. “Biologists have found that cells exposed to near-infrared light — that is, energy just outside the visible range — from LEDs grow 150 to 200 percent faster than those cells not stimulated by such light. This form of light increases energy inside cells which results in speeding up the healing process“.

You can read more about beauty benefits of LED light here

Who can benefit from LED Therapy? This facial treatment is safe and effective for any skin, acne skin to reduce inflammation, acne scars, sensitive and red skin by calming it down, aging skin by plumping it up while restoring much needed collagen. The results are cumulative and you’ll benefit from knowing you can always come in and receive a dose of healing energy to improve your skin and boost your mood.

Make sure to join us in the effort of curbing the potential spread of the coronavirus by washing your hands frequently and allowing yourself to relax during this stressful time. Call and schedule your LED Facial today.

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Virtual Beauty Visit

Are you worrying about your skin? Are you breaking out? Is your skin sagging? Can’t come in for a facial treatment at the spa? Let Yolanda help you navigate all of this and create a plan for you over the video.

Everyday we are bombarded with advertising messages, and infomercials promoting beauty elixirs that are designed to sell skin care products not necessarily to help you. My role as a skin care expert is to help you.

Join me in the effort of reaching you were you are and help you understand how does our healthy lifestyle and simple natural skin care can impact your skin. I can assure you that if you are willing to follow my roadmap for your home care/skin care your skin will behave exactly how you want it to. All you need is your two hands and the right combination of skin care products to transform your skin quickly to a younger and a healthy looking. Our plant based BOC Skin Care products are used during the facials and are recommended for a home use.

Enjoy to this relaxing music during your facial at home.

Disclaimer: I am a skin care professional not a doctor. If you have any skin problems other than those related to beauty please seek medical attention.

First Visit (30 Min) a questions/answers session during which Yolanda can help you understand the causes of the skin acting up on you and effective ways of helping your skin look good quickly.

What Is A Virtual Beauty Visit? (45 min)

How does it work? Similarly as your visit at the facial spa except that you’ll do the face cleansing and exfoliating or massaging on your own ofcourse.

When you know you need a facial and can’t get to the facialists you’ll meet with her on the video. After stating your problems with your skin or simply dissatisfaction with your skin Yolanda, skin care expert will begin the visit with ask questions about the skin and then she will evaluate your skin while looking at you in the camera. She will also take a look at your current skin care you are using before making a plan for you. Our visit is a fact finding session to pinpoint the causes of the problem and then Yolanda will design a special home care routine to immediately help your skin look and feel better. All you have to do is stick to the plan and see your skin transforming right before your eyes.

What can we talk about? Ways of reviving dull skin, ways of smoothing out and maintaining wrinkle free skin, how to return your jawline or the neck to a stronger, firmer look and how to prevent it from sagging. You might have a problem with breakouts, large pores or dark circles. Whatever the one problem that bothers you the most will be addressed. After the call/visit you’ll receive a video instructions on home remedies and how-to’s or I will show you exactly how to massage the face to keep it look younger. To get most from this visit I recommend focusing on one or two issues due to the time constraints.

Breaking A Habit Of Living In The Future

Just last week you’d never consider the option of spending all of your free time at home. Our life was set on auto-pilot and all we had to do was to get up and go. Stress and anxiety was something that we got used to. Migraines, headaches and insomnia created discomfort but we accepted it as a part of life. All of the sudden, the fast-paced lifestyle become irrelevant and what we don’t have is not as important. We are finally here, in the present moment noticing things around us like never before.

While our routines and busy schedules have been turned upside down for a short while, we finally have the time to look in the mirror, spend time with ourselves and reevaluate what’s important in life.

Do I really need all of the clothes in my closet? Half of it has never been worn?

Do I need all of the skin care in my drawers? I don’t know what to do with most of those products which I spend lots of money on.

What’s in my fridge? Do I really have what it takes to keep me well nourished and healthy?

Here is one idea to begin grounding yourself.

Surrender To The Moment.

LED Therapy & Skin Renewal

What is LED therapy?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. How does it help the skin?

The LED therapy involves exposing your skin to various wavelengths of light to address a wide range of concerns. LED phototherapy can activate target cells to improve their “job” they are to do in the skin.

Anti-aging, Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet — helps to restore Dark Spots- affects the melanin regulation in the skin , Blue/Green – perfect solution for acne skin, rosacea skin.

The LED was invented in 1962 but it wasn’t really used in life until NASA utilized it in plant growing experiments on board the Space Shuttle in the 80’s. LED is safe and effective in repairing wrinkled and sagging skin as well as for acne and many other skin problems. The skin cells are stimulated to become stronger overtime and the skin looks younger and begins to glow as it did years ago.

Yolanda Russo, skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa.

The Law Of Vibration and Beauty

As Albert Einstein said “Everything In Life Is Vibration” We are surrounded by the energy of vibration that we can feel but can NOT see. When we are depressed or tired, our vibration is lower than when we are happy, which causes us to brighten up. Interestingly, we seem to attract exactly what we send out; when one bad thing happens, usually another follows. When we have a good day, everyone around us seems to be having a good day also.! Sometimes we resonate with positive energy and feel good, yet other times, we allow the negative energy affect us causing tension and anxiety. You are in control of this exchange of energy. Let’s find out how you can reset those patterns by reading chapter 5 in RE-TRAIN YOUR FACE, by Yolanda Russo.

Our skin has the ability to feel touch without even being physically touched, for example during a Reiki treatment our nervous system is able to receive signals from the outside world and we respond to them by sensation of peace and calm. By the same token, how many times have you had a gut feeling about calling someone only to get the phone call from them? It’s not magic, it’s law of vibration connecting all of us as one.

Let’s talk, join our Safe Natural Skin Care podcast and listen to answers Yolanda, skin care expert gives to her listeners.