Want to Look Younger And Feel Younger? It’s In Your Hands.

It is April, 2020 and as we are collectively going through a planetary reboot, and leaving the ridgid world full of expectations to a new world seeking kindness and acceptance. We are forced to look at our lives from the lense of the present moment rather that the past or the future. We are transforming our lives and allowing the world to change at the same time.

In my many years as a doctor, I have learned an important truth that is still not taught in medical school. The connection between your thoughts, your beliefs and your physical balance is more likely to influence your health than anything else. That’s because your consciousness creates your cells.

Christiane Northrup, MD

You know the saying “You are what you think”? It is exactly what I am talking about in today’s podcast. A healthy lifestyle, physical and emotional is necessary for our body to have the energy to rebuild itself. Every decade we are given a second chance to transform and rebuild to a younger and healthier self. All we have to do is to become aware of the gift given to us by Mother Nature.

According to science, our cells replace itself every day and every 7-10 years our body undergoes self- destruction and self-regeneration. Except for brain cells, our muscles, our bones, our joints, our organs rebuild itself and have a potential to be younger than a decade ago. It is up to us to keep it healthy and strong to support the potential of regrowing a healthier, younger looking cells. And you can’t blame your genes any longer for what happens to you over the course of a lifetime either. Scientists agree that the heredity has very little to do with our current state of well-being, it is merely 20% of what we are. The remaining 80% of who we are is dictated by a lifestyle we lead. So there, don’t blame your mother for your wrinkles or a double chin, or your father for the deep line between your eyebrows. Those are habits of your parents or people you spend most time with, and since you’ve observed them doing it for a long enough, subconsciously you are repeating this pattern and create the creases in exactly the same part of the face.

Let’s go back to the skin and those cells that have an ability to shed off minute-by-minute creating that perfectly plump and glowing skin when we are young. As we age the process of flaking off slows down, the skin becomes dull and less vibrant and wrinkles become to form. With the first signs of aging, which is at around 28, we are prompted to change our lifestyle and ramp up the emotional and physical health and focus on self-care.

So now I have a question for you, my audience, where are you on the scale of 7-10 year self repair cycle? Are you at the beginning or the end of the cycle. Remember, it’s never too late. You can start the transformation at any time and any day. It is all up to you.

LED Therapy & Skin Renewal

What is LED therapy?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. How does it help the skin?

The LED therapy involves exposing your skin to various wavelengths of light to address a wide range of concerns. LED phototherapy can activate target cells to improve their “job” they are to do in the skin.

Anti-aging, Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet — helps to restore Dark Spots- affects the melanin regulation in the skin , Blue/Green – perfect solution for acne skin, rosacea skin.


The LED was invented in 1962 but it wasn’t really used in life until NASA utilized it in plant growing experiments on board the Space Shuttle in the 80’s. LED is safe and effective in repairing wrinkled and sagging skin as well as for acne and many other skin problems. The skin cells are stimulated to become stronger overtime and the skin looks younger and begins to glow as it did years ago.

Yolanda Russo, skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa.

5 Best Vitamins For Healthy Skin

Inevitably, as we get older, so does our skin.  Often, however, the skin can look older than our actual age.  Years of sun exposure and pollution and sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on our skin.   Good anti-aging creams and peptide serums containing ingredients such as Vitamin A or E can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.  But an extra snooze once a week can accelerate the skin healing process even further.

Anti-aging Diet:  A simple change in your diet can have a big impact on your skin and your health.  Foods that are rich in antioxidants such as colored fruits and green veggies fight the free radicals and prevent the cell damage.  Be sure to drink enough water in order to keep your body hydrated.

Anti-Aging Alternative treatment methods for hyperpigmentation.  There are some effective procedures that help to lighten the skin such as light therapy or IPL or laser. Clients with darker pigment in the skin are not able to benefits from these procedures due to potential side effects. However, there are tried-and-tested home remedies anyone can use to help the skin regain its youthful balance. One of those super easy home remedies that help to slough off the damaged skin is the application of freshly squeezed lemon juice to the affected areas followed by yogurt/banana mask.  Use this mask twice a week. This treatment mask will tend to make the skin more sensitive to sun so make sure to use sun screen 40 SPF or higher. Avoid the sun for at least 48 after the use of this mask. 

Nutritional compounds containing vitamins A, D, K, B, C and E are beneficial for your skin.  Vitamin E protect the skin from free radicals.  Selenium protects the human body of all kinds of cancer, including skin cancer.

Vitamins are important to the skin and vitamin deficiencies can have negative effect on the skin. Since vitamins C and E play such important roles in protecting your skin from the sun, deficiencies in either vitamin can increase the risk of skin damage and even cancer.

Is The Collagen Cream Worth The Investment – What to Look For in Anti-aging Natural Skincare Products

Are you fed up with the empty promises while spending thousand of dollars on different products advertising their age reversing natural benefits?

Confusing Store Shelves

Don’t give up. They certainly exist but you can’t follow the advice of an infomercial or a sales person in a department store. The best advice would be given by your esthetician who takes care of your skin. You can learn a lot from Yolanda Russo, esthetician at Speranzi Facial Spa. 

I know how that you feel, which is why I’ve gathered a couple of favorite tricks to be useful for finding one of the best age reversing beneficial according to your needs.

1. Be certain that the ingredients are genuinely natural
Mineral oil (also called petrolatum, liquid paraffin, and paraffin wax), alcohol or preservatives like parabens ought to have very little to do with natural skin care. If you find these elements on the label of this product, you’re going to be better off not buying it.  These components are used in skin care products because they are cheap, not because they will turn your skin to a younger looking.
Petroleum-based oils might cause you rashes and skin irritation if utilized for prolonged periods of time. A more sensible choice are age reversing skin creams that contain peptides and antioxidants. Our favorite here is BOC Firming Peptide Serum

2. Confirm the product has an ample amount of the effective ingredients
Many people think that their products are effective because they contain one of the popular ingredients. However if the active ingredient is not potent enough it won’t deliver desired results. Read labels and makes sure your first five ingredient show herbs or nutrients not paraffin, waxes or chemicals.

The best tip will be to study the label. Make certain that the effective ingredient is certainly not among the many last few inside the helpful cream’s label that’s a sign that although the ingredient itself might be useful and help you look younger, there just isn’t an ample amount of it in this product to do anything  for your skin.

3. Ignore collagen moisturizers
What? But isn’t collagen required to your skin’s youthfulness?
Yes, nevertheless it doesn’t work the way companies promote it. Collagen is produced by our skin, it can’t be delivered as a cream. Check with your nutritionist and ask if you can take collagen supplements and then apply topical product to stimulate the production of collagen. Great products are peptides, Vit E or Vit C and Vit A.  Our Firming Peptide Serum is clinically tested and available on www.beauoutlet.com
The collagen molecules in skin creams are far too big to penetrate into your skin, making those skin creams ineffective and a waste of money.
Want to find out more facts about natural age reversing products, what to look for and which to stay clear of? See your local esthetician specializing in anti aging facials.

You can also chat with our skin care expert via website . Submit your questions about the skin and your skin care via www.speranzi.com or check out our Facebook page.

Plump Up The Skin With Oxygen Infusion

Oxygen Infusion combined with amazing Peptide Serum will sure amaze you. BOC Skin Care is a private skin care line offered at Speranzi Facial Spa. We are constantly working on improving the potency of our skin care line, so you’ll never be disappointed.

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Your Gut Holds The Key To Your Well-Being

Perfect Health and Beauty Begin In Your Gut.

Antioxidant Rich Ginger For Glowing Skin

Thanks to Mother Nature and its perfect design our health and beauty can be course corrected on a daily basis.  I am Yolanda Russo, skin care expert and a life coach, who serves clients who come to our Facial Clinic because of their struggles with keeping their skin glowing and healthy.

You Can’t Look Good If You Don’t Feel Good.

Yolanda Russo

Before entering the facial room the client’s skin is assessed for signs of imbalance as we discuss the lifestyle and the home skin care routine as if relates to their FACE STORY. I created this term especially for my clients so that they understand that there is more to the skin than the surface. During the entire facial treatment, clients discover how the daily stress and the food choices influence their looks. For example, when the skin appears dull and lacks it glow while showing wrinkles prematurely can indicate too much stress in life among other things. But when the pores are stretched open with acne breakouts showing up on cheeks the poor diet choices may be a culprit. Clients are then referred to a nutritionist for advice and recommendation that can change the way they look and feel.

Are These Wrinkles?

According to Ben Fuck, the nutritionist and pharmacist there is a natural solution to reversing the signs of aging as well as other skin problems that include acne. The quick fix begins with the foods you put in the body. Processed foods, fried foods, and sugary drinks can wreak havoc on the gut health and show up on the skin as acne, rosacea, and skin sagging among other things. According to the Foods That Harm Foods That Heal by Reader’s Digest simple changes in the eating habits we can restore our good health and good looks.

If you would like to have a Consultation with Yolanda Russo, skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa and discover how your lifestyle affects your skin and what can you do to improve it naturally please call 973 228 7727 today!