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Your Gut Holds The Key To Your Well-Being

Perfect Health and Beauty Begin In Your Gut. Thanks to Mother Nature and its perfect design our health and beauty can be course corrected on a daily basis.  I am Yolanda Russo, skin care expert and a life coach, who serves clients who come to our Facial Clinic because of their struggles with keeping their skin glowing and healthy. Before ...

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How To Fix Crepey Skin

Exfoliate your skin with fruit acid based cleanser such as AHA or glycolic cleanser. Yolanda Russo, esthetician at Speranzi Facial recommends lemon juice and flaxseed  meal as a home remedy to fix crepey skin on the neck and on the arms. Dry brush your body Squeeze fresh lemon into a plastic container. Add a spoon of flaxseed meal Shower it ...

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