Everyday is a Valentine’s Day

Love and Gratitude

This new year, 2021, is full of hope and potential for finding greatness within each one of us. Having gone through tumultuous 2020 you might feel that material things mean much less than the love and gratitude from your family and special people in your life.

Let’s make 2021 a year of Everyday is a Valentine’s Day. There is no greater wisdom than kindness. It is found in each of us individually and collectively. The trick to it is that most of us don’t practice it. Why wait for this one day in a year to manifest your love and kindness towards someone special. And what about loving yourself?

According to neuroscience, a gift of kindness toward the other boosts happiness in the giver. At this time we all need an extra dose of happiness so let’s shift our attitude towards loving ourselves and other people in our life.

Want to know more on how to become a best version of yourself? See Kindness.org

Want to Look Younger And Feel Younger? It’s In Your Hands.

It is April, 2020 and as we are collectively going through a planetary reboot, and leaving the ridgid world full of expectations to a new world seeking kindness and acceptance. We are forced to look at our lives from the lense of the present moment rather that the past or the future. We are transforming our lives and allowing the world to change at the same time.

In my many years as a doctor, I have learned an important truth that is still not taught in medical school. The connection between your thoughts, your beliefs and your physical balance is more likely to influence your health than anything else. That’s because your consciousness creates your cells.

Christiane Northrup, MD

You know the saying “You are what you think”? It is exactly what I am talking about in today’s podcast. A healthy lifestyle, physical and emotional is necessary for our body to have the energy to rebuild itself. Every decade we are given a second chance to transform and rebuild to a younger and healthier self. All we have to do is to become aware of the gift given to us by Mother Nature.

According to science, our cells replace itself every day and every 7-10 years our body undergoes self- destruction and self-regeneration. Except for brain cells, our muscles, our bones, our joints, our organs rebuild itself and have a potential to be younger than a decade ago. It is up to us to keep it healthy and strong to support the potential of regrowing a healthier, younger looking cells. And you can’t blame your genes any longer for what happens to you over the course of a lifetime either. Scientists agree that the heredity has very little to do with our current state of well-being, it is merely 20% of what we are. The remaining 80% of who we are is dictated by a lifestyle we lead. So there, don’t blame your mother for your wrinkles or a double chin, or your father for the deep line between your eyebrows. Those are habits of your parents or people you spend most time with, and since you’ve observed them doing it for a long enough, subconsciously you are repeating this pattern and create the creases in exactly the same part of the face.

Let’s go back to the skin and those cells that have an ability to shed off minute-by-minute creating that perfectly plump and glowing skin when we are young. As we age the process of flaking off slows down, the skin becomes dull and less vibrant and wrinkles become to form. With the first signs of aging, which is at around 28, we are prompted to change our lifestyle and ramp up the emotional and physical health and focus on self-care.

So now I have a question for you, my audience, where are you on the scale of 7-10 year self repair cycle? Are you at the beginning or the end of the cycle. Remember, it’s never too late. You can start the transformation at any time and any day. It is all up to you.

The Law Of Vibration and Beauty

As Albert Einstein said “Everything In Life Is Vibration” We are surrounded by the energy of vibration that we can feel but can NOT see. When we are depressed or tired, our vibration is lower than when we are happy, which causes us to brighten up. Interestingly, we seem to attract exactly what we send out; when one bad thing happens, usually another follows. When we have a good day, everyone around us seems to be having a good day also.! Sometimes we resonate with positive energy and feel good, yet other times, we allow the negative energy affect us causing tension and anxiety. You are in control of this exchange of energy. Let’s find out how you can reset those patterns by reading chapter 5 in RE-TRAIN YOUR FACE, by Yolanda Russo.

Our skin has the ability to feel touch without even being physically touched, for example during a Reiki treatment our nervous system is able to receive signals from the outside world and we respond to them by sensation of peace and calm. By the same token, how many times have you had a gut feeling about calling someone only to get the phone call from them? It’s not magic, it’s law of vibration connecting all of us as one.

Let’s talk, join our Safe Natural Skin Care podcast and listen to answers Yolanda, skin care expert gives to her listeners.