Virtual Beauty Visit

Are you worrying about your skin? Are you breaking out? Is your skin sagging? Can’t come in for a facial treatment at the spa? Let Yolanda help you navigate all of this and create a plan for you over the video.

Everyday we are bombarded with advertising messages, and infomercials promoting beauty elixirs that are designed to sell skin care products not necessarily to help you. My role as a skin care expert is to help you.

Join me in the effort of reaching you were you are and help you understand how does our healthy lifestyle and simple natural skin care can impact your skin. I can assure you that if you are willing to follow my roadmap for your home care/skin care your skin will behave exactly how you want it to. All you need is your two hands and the right combination of skin care products to transform your skin quickly to a younger and a healthy looking. Our plant based BOC Skin Care products are used during the facials and are recommended for a home use.

Enjoy to this relaxing music during your facial at home.

Disclaimer: I am a skin care professional not a doctor. If you have any skin problems other than those related to beauty please seek medical attention.

First Visit (30 Min) a questions/answers session during which Yolanda can help you understand the causes of the skin acting up on you and effective ways of helping your skin look good quickly.

What Is A Virtual Beauty Visit? (45 min)

How does it work? Similarly as your visit at the facial spa except that you’ll do the face cleansing and exfoliating or massaging on your own ofcourse.

When you know you need a facial and can’t get to the facialists you’ll meet with her on the video. After stating your problems with your skin or simply dissatisfaction with your skin Yolanda, skin care expert will begin the visit with ask questions about the skin and then she will evaluate your skin while looking at you in the camera. She will also take a look at your current skin care you are using before making a plan for you. Our visit is a fact finding session to pinpoint the causes of the problem and then Yolanda will design a special home care routine to immediately help your skin look and feel better. All you have to do is stick to the plan and see your skin transforming right before your eyes.

What can we talk about? Ways of reviving dull skin, ways of smoothing out and maintaining wrinkle free skin, how to return your jawline or the neck to a stronger, firmer look and how to prevent it from sagging. You might have a problem with breakouts, large pores or dark circles. Whatever the one problem that bothers you the most will be addressed. After the call/visit you’ll receive a video instructions on home remedies and how-to’s or I will show you exactly how to massage the face to keep it look younger. To get most from this visit I recommend focusing on one or two issues due to the time constraints.

Hand and Neck Re-Glow

Natural Solution To Hand and Neck Skin Aging.
Look Younger Naturally!

So you have done everything you can for your face and you look years younger but somehow you did not pay attention to your neck, decollete and your hands until now. The truth is most of us don’t look at our hands as much as the face and this might be the reason. We apply the sunscreen to the face but not to the top of the hands. As the time goes by the collagen depletion causes the veins to become more prominent and the age spots become much darker as a result.

Is there a natural solution to offset the skin aging? What can you do at home?

You can start the skin rejuvenation at home with home masks such as an exfoliating mask followed by application of collagen rebuilding serum but at this point you will benefit from a professional treatment that may be offered at your local spa such as microdermabrasion or a glycolic peel series. LED treatment is another viable natural solution for dark spots, skin aging and collagen restoration.

Instead of wearing a scarf or a turtleneck to cover your neck you might want to start reversing the deep lines and folds by focusing on your posture and by supplying the skin of the neck with much needed support Crepey Skin . If you need some guidance as to what to do to repair your aging skin you can find it in my book Re-Train Your Face .

Bridal Skin Care Guide


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Your wedding is once in a lifetime event captured on forever lasting pictures and the video. You absolutely want to look your best even if you happen to shed tears during this life changing day. To make this happen, it is important to set up a plan with your skin care professional at least six months in advance of the big day. It is not recommended for you to leave it to chance and do-it-yourself facials at home. During this time you are advised not to use any harsh products including the rotating brush that is known to harm the surface layer of the skin.

The first step is a customized consultation focusing on your goals. After the initial skin analysis your skin care professional will recommend a proper skin care that goes along with your treatment. It is possible to have a healthy and radiant skin at any age. Of course, the treatments and the efforts of your skin professional are not going to be as effective if you don’t support it with a healthy lifestyle.

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Here are some easy to follow tips you can implement anytime.

  1. Good nutrition is a key to successful outcome. If you are planning on following any type of diet please make sure to drink enough water to support the loss of body mass. Skin deprived of nutrients can begin to lose elasticity and special toning and hydrating treatments need to accompany your routine facials. That is why it’s very important to inform your skin care professional of the other venues you are undertaking in order to fit into that perfect dress. If a nutritionist is not an option please follow a reasonably healthy diet to avoid big sugar spikes which can affect your hormones and as a consequence create breakouts and even acne. What’s recommended for you at this time? Protein rich foods such as fish, eggs , sardines, avocados and chia seeds to assure a proper nutritional balance.
  2. Proper hydration helps to repair the skin and body. Alkaline water, coconut water  or even a gatorade once a day to rebalance the ph in the body. Stress most likely will create an acidic environment in your body which in turn can contribute to skin dehydration, dull looking skin and fine lines. Make sure to have at least 8 cups of water a day.
  3. Relaxation is needed as the day is getting closer and closer.  Breathing exercises and stress reducing activities such as yoga and meditation and massage are also recommended.
  4. Don’t leave the spray tan to a chance. You need to schedule it before your makeup trial session to make sure the tone of your makeup is matching the new look of your skin.
  5. Last facial is always going to be Speranzi Customized Oxygen Infusion Facial that can be done 3 days before the wedding. This is one of the safest but most impactful facial treatments to prepare your for the big day. Not only it re-hydrates the skin but it plumps it up and reduces dark circles while firming the skin of the face.

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The Secret Natural Solution To Neck Lift

As of 2017 50% of women in USA will turn 50. Even though they are getting older they still look sexy. Look at Julia Roberts, Pamela Anderson and Nicole Kidman. They look great and they are successful. It does not seem like age matters anymore. What’s important though is that women take care of their body as well as their face. We now live longer, dater later in life and many are still working full time and looking younger is no longer an option–it’s a necessity.

Even though plastic surgery may have crossed your mind at times I want to remind you about Joan Rivers. She’s had many plastic surgery procedures and she said she was proud of it. All she knew she does not want to look old. What if I told you that you don’t have to look into plastic surgery to lift your neck or even your cheeks.

Today thankfully there is an alternative to invasive procedures and painful injections. It is Natural Solution To Neck Lift by Beauty On Command.  Not only that is safe and effective but it is created by European Esthetician who combined Cleopatra remedies, face massage treatments and stress reduction into One Thing. She created the solution everyone is longing for–the face muscles can be energized and alive again. No knife. No toxins. Just a relaxing environment and a lot of love and care. But she did not stop there, she developed  skin care that maintains the new skin and the taut muscles. These products are botanically based and show desired results within 14 days.

BOC Skin Care was created with minimalists in mind. It is simple and not complicated. It consists of three products. Cleanser that replaces the need for harsh exfoliants and even the rotating brushes found today in any department store.  The Peptide Serum that stimulates new cell growth and Ultimate Antioxidant Moisturizer abundant in essential nutrients. And of course the delicate area of the eye gets a boost of nutrients from Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA cream that strengthens the skin under the eye as well as the lip area)

Here are the 3 Tips to reduce the double chin and defy the gravity:

  1. Adjust your chair at the office so that you don’t look down but rather straight ahead.
  2. Lift your phone half an inch higher while checking messages
  3. Don’t read in bed and don’t watch tv lying down.

The next step is to find a spa that offers Beauty On Command Natural Face Lift/ Neck Lift. Currently Yolanda Russo, founder of this amazing and painless system offers it at Speranzi Facial Spa. This is for if you feel ‘old’ and unhappy about the way you look.

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