Oxygen Facial

How Do You Get The Elixir Of Youth

Oxygen is vital to life what about the face? Take a look at Shirley receiving the Hollywood loved facial treatment. The special ingredients Hylauronic acid, stem cells, nano peptides and much more are placed into the pressurized probe and then applied to the skin with the oxygen. Oxygen Infusion is the best before going to a special event, wedding and ...

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Supercharge Your Skin With Oxygen Facial

By now we all know that oxygen is life. The oxygen that we inhale from the air around us keeps our body and mind free from toxins and keeps us healthy. As we get older, the levels of oxygen in our tissues decreases and ultimately contributes to health problems as well as skin problems.  Prolong periods of stress are showing ...

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Supercharge Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

What’s aging your skin might be as simple as counting your breaths. How many times over the course of the day you take a deep breath? Life is stressful and it begins with the early commute and traffic followed by work pressures and the alerts on your phone that come in the least opportune times. The reality is there is never ...

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