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[facebook][tabs type=”horizontal”][tabs_head][tab_title]Let’s Talk[/tab_title][/tabs_head][tab]What Is Your Face Story? Send me your question to FB Messenger or post it below.[/tab][/tabs]It’s time to get inspired and hear about possibilities of reversing skin aging and other skin problems NATURALLY. I am Yolanda Russo, european skin care expert and wellness coach. I’ve been helping people look and feel good for over two decades and believe that beauty or looking radiant is the manifestation of your life. If you are healthy and happy your skin will reflect that. When you worry too much, you’ll see it on your forehead! I specialize in Acne and Skin Aging. I devoted my life to making people look and feel good, I’ve started a podcast so that I can help more of you to get what you want from life when it comes to looking good and  feeling good.

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  1. Emily are you getting enough sleep? One of the culprits of lack of radiance is not getting enough sleep. So start there and let me know if you see an improvement. When your body is tired it doesn’t enough energy to give you a glow. There is more to it but let’s start with the sleep since you are young and most likely you are up studying until late at night. Keep me posted.

  2. So what is your face story?

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  3. I am 42 years old and my jaw is no as firm as it did just a year ago, what do I do? I look old and i don’t want any surgery or anything else. What I really want to know is there a hope for me to look like I did before without doing anything invasive?

  4. Dana, absolutely there is something you can do but it will require some lifestyle adjustments. You are too young to have a sagging skin, so the first thing that comes to mind is you are not using a sunscreen. Please start using it from now on religiously, it is never too late to start. Don’t depend your makeup to do this though, most makeup products today have some sunscreen in it but treat it as a bonus not a solid protection. Use a plain sunsreen on top of your makeup before leaving the home and reapply if you are in the sun during the mid day. What to use ? It depends on your skin type, you might want to check with a skin care professional or your dermatologist regarding the strength of SPF for your skin.
    The second thing is your diet, make sure your diet includes proteins and limits carbs. Carbs destroy collagen and sun overexposure causes the skin cells to ‘rust’ and weaken. That is why you see dark spots among other things. I hope this helps.

  5. Monica that is a great question and it will depend on how old are the scars. Are they red/brown or white? Those that are red are still fresh and we are able to resurface the skin with microdermabrasion to minimize or even eliminate them all together. This is a very affordable solution.

    In case of old scars that are already white unfortunately, not much can be done in a facial room but you can look for more invasive treatments such as laser or chemical peel in medi spa or plastic surgeon’s office. This option is much more expensive so if this is not something you can do I’d still try a series of microdermabrasion. Even if your scars are not going to be eliminated, the skin around the scars will flatten and create an illusion of smooth skin. I have done this before and it worked as expected.


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