How Self Reliance builds Self Confidence

My achievements make me proud of myself

I have found that being self-reliant increases my confidence enormously. 

Life is a fascinating mix of exhilaration, joy, and fear of the unknown. I am sometimes unsure of what is around the next corner. So, I realize I must strive each day to depend more on myself.

Life requires me to be self-reliant. To me, being self-reliant means that I can stand alone and do what I need to do without hesitation. I realize that I am the master of my destiny and so be it. Every day I remind myself this simple truth, No One and No Thing Is Responsible For My Happiness! 

It brings me comfort to know that I am okay regardless of what happens. My self-sufficiency empowers me to do whatever I believe is right or best for each situation. I take responsibility for my actions and don’t blame anyone for missteps I take. 

I trust myself and listen to my inner voice which is much more intelligent that any human being.

When I encounter a rough patch, I give myself time to consider my options. I set the “appointment” with my fear or doubt. I simply ask myself: How do I want to handle this situation? Which option makes me feel good? and wait at least 24 hrs before I decide which path to take.

Ultimately, I know I can find the right answer when I rely on my inner guidance. Everything begins in the gut.

Sometimes, being self-reliant also means knowing who to ask for help.

I learn from the experience of others who are more knowledgeable in whatever I am pursuing. Then, my own knowledge and wisdom increases, building my self-reliance and confidence even more.

Today, my capacity to handle things on my own is at its highest because of my self-reliance. My goal is to show the world that I can rely on myself to accomplish my dreams.

Can You answer those self reflecting questions:

  1. Who comes to mind when I think of self-reliance? Can I pattern my behavior after them?
  2. Do I determine my own direction in life and go after what I want?
  3. When the going gets tough, how can I demonstrate self-reliance?

Yolanda Russo

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