I am my own best cheerleader.

Daily affirmations

What if instead of waiting for someone else to praise you…you did that all by yourself? It is possible and extremely rewarding to honor yourself. Begin each day with you in mind. Here are some examples of ways I have succeeded in forgiving myself for mistakes I’ve made in the past and staying positive no matter what is happening in my life.

I root for myself in all situations. I offer myself praise, and appreciate the compliments I give myself. I choose words that motivate me and help me move forward.

I trust my own guidance and make my goal to follow my gut feeling about the things I am debating on. At a networking event, I remind myself that I am friendly and knowledgeable. I focus on smiling and staying updated on the latest in my industry. I find that is always easier to start conversations with people in business or personal when I am aware of nuances of a subject I want to discuss.

I offer myself affirmation when I am losing weight or when I am getting out and exercising. I always celebrate the positive changes I make.

When in doubt or during a challenging time at work or home I choose to come home and not dwell on it but watch a funny movie. Laughter dissolves stress and cheers me up. Or I opt to serve myself one of my favorite desserts to keep me smiling in spite of adversities. 

I often play with my dog and in a split second I feel the love that I give and receive.

I love doing things to lift my spirits. Each morning I head outdoors to surround myself with nature. I find the sound of water and green fields invigorate me.  When I am lost in my thoughts I listen to soothing music. 

Today, I give myself a pat on the back. When I cheer for myself, I am reminded that someone is in my corner. I remember my purpose in life and make positive decisions that support me.

Why don’t you try answering those self-reflecting questions:

1. How do I know when I need a pep talk?
2. What is one inspiring thing I could say to myself each morning?
3. Why is it important for me to be kind to myself?

Yolanda Russo

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