Natural Solutions For Dark Circles

Welcome to spring of 2020. As we are still under a ‘house arrest’ thanks to coronavirus, I am getting creative in reaching my audience by implementing a podcast Safe Natural Skin Care and Video Consultations.

What are you doing with all that extra time, are you finding anything positive while spending the time alone and becoming more present? I did, and here are three awesome things that make it all worthwhile:

  • The pollution levels have dropped so dramatically that people in India, for the first time in 30 years, can see the can Himalayas in its full glory. We are contributing to making a world a better place. Great job people.
  • I am finding that I actually love my house! I am so grateful for having a save and loving place to call home. Up until just a month ago I was too busy to notice.
  • I love spring but don’t like the allergy symptoms that come with it. It looks like this year we are going to escape the side effects of freshly blooming plants and its release of pollen that is a major trigger of seasonal allergies.

Let’s talk about the impact of stress and lack of physical activity on the skin during the current self quarantine orders.

Your face is a resident to 50 muscles and 20 of them are expression muscles. The sole purpose of these muscles is to assist in expressing emotions. In order for those muscles to hold the face firm you need to use them. If you can’t laugh right now, I understand, but you can probably watch a comedy and brighten your mood instead of news alerts about the coronavirus. According to science, the act of laughing or a simple smile can trigger a release of a happy chemicals which can instantly improve the mood. As a result you may appear more radiant and more approachable.

What about your eye area, do you look tired? Is there a natural solution for dark circles?

The eyes are the window to the soul, we want to look HAPPY not TIRED.

The skin surrounding the eyes is extremely thin in relation to the rest of the skin on our body. Although the skin on the lips have a very similar structure and I’d recommend using a good eye cream on your lips to keep them hydrated instead of using those sticky, waxy products you might have used in the past.

As we age, the skin ages too. Skin sagging causes wrinkles and they are enhanced when you have dark circles. But there is a lot we can do to maintain this delicate area of the skin.

Occasional dark circles, or those that come and go are easy to work with and can be helped by making small adjustments in our lifestyle and creating an addition to our home care routine in a form of a gentle tapping massage. To see how it is done see the video above this post. Incidentally at the time of the video recording I had woken up with a terrible sinus congestion and you’ll notice how I use the tapping to help my puffy eyes.

The truth is that our face doesn’t hide our stories, we can see it clearly the day that you don’t feel good, or when you didn’t get enough sleep by looking tired. The good news is that as soon as you catch up on sleep your face and your eyes look great. So what’s the secret to natural solutions for dark circles? Be good to yourself.

Of course there are other reasons why we develop dark circles-seasonal allergies are those most frequently experienced by many people during spring and fall season. If you don’t know what triggers your allergies you might want to check with your allergist to find out what exactly you should avoid and help your body stay healthy.

One of the old remedies passed on to me by my European grandmother is a local honey cure. The old saying goes, unless you are allergic to honey this is one home treatment that works every time. The fact is that bees collect the same pollen we are sensitive to makes it a perfect antidote to those uncomfortable spring congestions and puffy eyes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast and have your questions answered live during the next episode. In addition to home remedies I recommend BOC Under Eye Shadow Eraser for both, puffy eyes and dark circles. My clients love it and you’ll love it too.

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