Re-Train Your Face

Your face shows what is happening in your body and mind. When you are stressed, you frown. When you are worried you stop breathing and stop smiling causing deep folds around the mouth and your forehead. When your diet is lacking the most needed nutrition your face may sag or begin looking grayish. Lastly, when you decide to spend hours on checking your messages, you’ll be granted a double chin. Just like that!

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It is possible to look younger naturally, but unless you understand what contributes to your skin aging you can go about fixing it a wrong way. You might be spending lots of money on celebrity endorsed elixirs of youth or volunteer to paralyze the muscles to keep your face frozen for as long as possible. But if you want to correct your skin problems for good, there is a better way. Beauty On Command way! Beauty from inside out.

What do I need to do to correct those problems?

The answer is start meditating and bring your attention to little things that make your life fulfilled. Gratitude is a first step to a well being. Even though you might not see it right away, try to imagine it. Bring back to your mind the last vacation you took, the last family gathering or play-date with a child you love. How does it feel? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Can you hold that feeling in your mind and your body for 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 5 minutes and so on. The real life should and will come along and distract you, and it is okay. Just know to come back to this grateful feeling as often as you can to help you reprogram your mind so that you can be happy again Your skin will brighten, the wrinkles and worry lines will become less deep. And you might just be more inclined to find the good things in life and focus on them while tuning out the negative.

Once your mind is clear and your body rejuvenated your face will look younger.

As we age, we lose proteins which are a building block of cells causing our skin to sag. Thanks to the Law of Gravity that may happen before you are ready to accept that. But there is HOPE. You might want to find a skin care professional who can lead you in the direction of your dream or visit YouTube to find a resource worth investing the time into and learn about ways of massaging the face.

Is is possible to get back the youthful looks?

What we know for sure is that the energy can not be created nor destroyed but it can be regenerated. What if you knew how to Re-Train Your Face by doing the same what you do in the gym–exercise the muscles?

Yolanda Russo, Skin Care Expert at Speranzi Facial Spa is advocating for HOPE and POSSIBILITIES towards Natural Beauty. She claims anyone can look 10 years younger. Let’s join and participate in her Beauty On Command Community and learn about skin and its care.