Best Acne Skin Care Products

There is so many acne skin care products to choose from. Regardless of the severity of a problem your cleanser and moisturizer should be gentle yet exfoliating. AHA or glycolic acids are a very good solution for young skin that needs to be breathing. I would not recommend using any of the gritty kinds of exfoliants as they make you feel good for the 30 min and then your skin becomes sensitive and dry and as a result it oils up. 

Your moisturizer should as light as feather but not oil free. You need the natural oils from lemon or other fruit to give you the protection. [highlight]Don’t look for oil free products when dealing with acne and oily skin. That is a myth designed for you to follow one path, oil free path. You need oils. Natural oils dissolve the skin oils unlike the synthetic oils [/highlight] Oil free simply means it does not contain the healthy oils but it means it has a wax and paraffin or glycerin which are synthetic oils. You don’t want to put any of those on the skin when dealing with acne. It is always a good idea to do tons of research to locate the best acne skin care product, before spending tons of money on creams and cleansers which after all do not show desired results. There is many types of acne and most likely you don’t know that unless you see a skin care specialist who can help you to figure it out and recommend the best skin care product. Professional skin care is a little more expensive but it is going to help you to combat the skin problem. Over-the-counter or pharmacy products lack of natural and safe ingredients and are not recommended.
Acne products can be found almost everywhere. You  can find them in the supermarkets, drug stores or even department stores. Natural acne helpful products include Oat and Apricot and fruit acids to melt the dead skin cells and let the skin breath by unclogging the pores. Citrus based cleansers are very effective as they melt the oils and soothe the irritation. Fruit acids such as AHA, glycolic, lactic and salicylic are extremely powerful skin healing ingredients that work from  inside out. They absorb easily to the skin only to flush the toxins and remove the surface coating of oils. Zit Zapper Bar AHA cleanser is excellent in helping you to keep your skin clean and acne free. Purifying toner or an astringent should be your everyday, even in your gym bag, if you suffer from oily skin or ‘shiny skin’. It smoothes the complexion of the face without over drying and destroys sebum build ups to prevent further pimples.

Drug store acne products are sold to a thousands of people all over the worldPeople feel that it starts to get rid of up acne outbreaks quickly when used twice a day. Wash and clear advanced acne moisturizer is a really good product that not exclusively lets blemishes disappear but even works as a great toner.
Cetaphil cleanser is not for everyone and not an everyday product. It is extra gentle to acne prone and sensitive skin and leaves skin silky but it may clog the pores.  Noxzema triple clean anti blemish pads absorb extra grease  so I’d recommend using it daily in place of astringent not the cleanser. You still need to wash the face with special cleanser and water to go deep into the pores. All of these products may work on some level but you may need to do trial and error testing before selecting what works on your skin the best. The trick to the clear skin is to stick to the program and use the cleanser and moisturizer twice a day. Remove the makeup daily and change your pillowcase daily.

Neutrogena acne products like face wash and toner are very sought-after as well as they’re known to be highly rated on account of their acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid. Neutrogena acne medication simply not only kill bacterias but encourages the growth of healthy dead skin cells. But it is not for everyone, if you feel sticky after using it, you may want to find some other product because you’ll get clogged.

Here is a rule of thumb to determine if a new product is bad for your skin. Watch the skin for a week and you’ll know if it works for you or against you. It usually takes 7-14 days after using a specific product before you notice your skin is clogged. The first couple of days your skin feels nice and smooth and you feel less dry. After a couple of days your forehead becomes a little more shiny in the mid-day. A week later you’ll notice zits and the cycle begins. That is a definitely product containing synthetic oils. Not good for you.

Your skin is very different from the skin of your friend’s skin so don’t be so quick to recommend your skin product to them unless you know that it will help them. They may have a different skin type and a different acne type so that may actually do a reverse what it did for you. It is very good idea to get a extrame timefor yourself and apply a face mask once a week until your skin looks the way you want it. There are many face masks out there and you’d not know what to use unless you try it. Mud masks are ok, clay masks are ok but don’t overdo it. Keep it on the skin for 5 min not any longer as it can overdry the skin and do the opposite from what you are trying to do. Radiant and flawless skin will raise your self esteem as well as lift your spirit. Be careful in managing your skin care or let someone else help you to jumpstart the process. 

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