Adult Acne Is Real

I just broke out again…. When is this going to go away? I am 32 and still struggle with acne.

Don’t wait any longer, you shouldn’t have to breakout at this stage of life. Most skin care professionals who specialize in acne can help you to understand your acne and then recommend a home care routine to keep your skin balanced. You need to exfoliate your skin but not with the harsh, gitty products because you’ll weaken the skin. At 32 your skin is already aging and my recommendation would be to use fruit acid based products such as AHA/BHA cleanser and moisturizer. I don’t recommend exfoliating with gritty, harsh products and if you are using the rotating brush-use it once a week. Try not to buy skin care on your own as it may not work for you as it does for others. It may be clogging you or it is too drying for your skin. Once you see a skin care professional, they will use face mapping to analyze the skin and pinpoint a possible cause of your breakouts. Next, they will offer you an acne facial to correct the skin’s imbalance while recommending a good home care to prevent or at least tame the breakouts.

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