What Is Your Face Story?

Are you noticing frown lines? Wrinkles? Freckles are becoming dark spots?

Do you have a question about your skin?

Human face has over 20 muscles leading to hundreds of unique facial expressions. Those muscles attach directly to the skin and as a result we get many unwanted side effects caused by prolonged or repetitive expressions. Today, many people choose to get injections or some other procedure to erase the expression lines, others are looking for an alternative way to soften the lines as they don’t want to take any risk of looking unnatural. The good news is, you have a choice and that is given to you by Mother Nature. The Beauty On Command Method gives you guidance and tools on how to help your skin look younger NATURALLY. Please post your question on Contact Us page or request a Virtual Consultation with me, Yolanda, so that I can see your skin and can quickly help you understand what is happening and how you can repair the skin damage.

How do we get wrinkles? Our body is held together by a glue-like substance, collagen and elastin, which allows the skin to return to its original shape quickly. Up until age of 25, our body supports us unconditionally as it produces the collagen and other nutrients at a steady pace awarding us with a forever radiant complexion. As we age we begin to lose collagen at the rate of 1% and if you are overexposing the skin to the sun it can even deplete itself up to 2%. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and less ‘springy’ as we age. Remember crinkles around the eyes eventually become wrinkles unless you help your body to get stronger. How do you do that? By simply nutrifying the skin from the inside, getting enough sleep and then protecting the skin with SPF. If you feel you want to begin using an eye cream then you’ll rebuild the skin’s strength from the outside.

Nothing in worth having if you don’t make an effort …

 Theodore Roosevelt

But there is hope, your own efforts leading to improving your lifestyle and remembering to be happy and optimistic towards life will help to preserve and make new collagen for years to come. And I, as a skin care expert, can lead you into the direction of your dreams into having a perfectly smooth and radiant skin for as long as you wish.

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