Healing Properties Of Antioxidants

Skin care product created from the source is rich in minerals and antioxidants, not only that it does  wonders for our skin but also for the planet. Go natural now!

Many women want to look younger without going under the knife but what they may not know that health and beauty work in tandem. Just a decade ago our skin care contained a lot of synthetic products. Today we are much more savvy about the ingredients and we make better choices in selection of a cleanser or a moisturizer.

Unlike natural beauty products that are healthy for you, synthetic ingredients are taxing the body and at times can cause a dis-ease in the body. Imagine that hard work your body needs to go through to detoxify itself. That’s why drinking a lot of water and deep breathing is crucial in detoxification.  Synthetic ingredients found in products that are oil-free can block skin pores and it can contribute to acne. 

Natural skin care products, on the other hand, show a variety of oils and fats present in nature. When you are scouring the aisles of your respective local health or wellness store, you may be confronted with numerous choices.  Don’t look for oil free products as these contain the synthetic oils. They are stripped from the healthy oils to satisfy the consumer needs. What the consumer doesn’t know that avocado oil is healthy but Stearalkonium Chloride or Mineral Oil are synthetic oils that are added to Oil-Free skin care.

The very best all-natural beauty products contain plant extracts, which includes avocado oil and grapeseed oil. They are similar to what you are skin secretes naturally thus it will not turn your skin feel sticky or greasy looking. Another great ingredient to look for is resveratrol. Produced from grape skins, this ingredient has lots of antioxidant qualities and it is legally an effective anti-inflammatory agent. As a matter of fact, research has revealed that it can be helpful in protecting your facial skin from the harmful sun rays.

Green tea leaf is actually another popular ingredient discovered natural beneficial products. You’ll find this ingredient filled with of anti-oxidants that may possibly help you stay in the daylight for longer periods of time. Aloe Vera is an example of another such ingredient that is well popular for its moisturizing qualities. It soothes and promotes skin healing simultaneously. Finally, consider seaweed. Not exclusively can it be eaten when you prepared the motorcycle for winter your Japanese sushi roll, additionally it makes an awesome detoxifier used primarily in products for all those with oily skin.

If you’re still unsure about the effects what organic beauty products can have on your skin, you can start with peptide rich lip balm. Apply it to your skin as well as your lips and see the difference.  Go natural today and feel the positive effects these products bring to both your body and soul.

Yolanda Russo, skin care expert and esthetician at Speranzi Facial Spa is helping women of all ages to keep the skin young and healthy.

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