How To Lift The Neck At Home

Do you think your phone might be causing this problem?

If you are like most people in this digital age, you might be noticing folds on your neck that were not there before. According to Yolanda Russo, founder of Beauty On Command Natural Face Lift, the ergonomics at work as well as on the go has a lot to do with the double neck issue.

How many times do you think you check your phone? 50 times a day? Once every 5 min?

Here is a perfect face exercising routine :How To Lift The Neck At Home

Here is the problem. According to study by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers the average person checks the phone 150 times. The mere fact of looking down at the phone that many times a day not only loosens up the skin on the neck but it also help the gravity to drag the skin down. We are not even talking about the neck pain that this can create.

Here is the solution: Stop looking down, lift the phone an inch higher and focus on your chin being at 90 degrees.

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The Secret Natural Solution To Neck Lift

As of 2017 50% of women in USA will turn 50. Even though they are getting older they still look sexy. Look at Julia Roberts, Pamela Anderson and Nicole Kidman. They look great and they are successful. It does not seem like age matters anymore. What’s important though is that women take care of their body as well as their face. We now live longer, dater later in life and many are still working full time and looking younger is no longer an option–it’s a necessity.

Even though plastic surgery may have crossed your mind at times I want to remind you about Joan Rivers. She’s had many plastic surgery procedures and she said she was proud of it. All she knew she does not want to look old. What if I told you that you don’t have to look into plastic surgery to lift your neck or even your cheeks.

Today thankfully there is an alternative to invasive procedures and painful injections. It is Natural Solution To Neck Lift by Beauty On Command.  Not only that is safe and effective but it is created by European Esthetician who combined Cleopatra remedies, face massage treatments and stress reduction into One Thing. She created the solution everyone is longing for–the face muscles can be energized and alive again. No knife. No toxins. Just a relaxing environment and a lot of love and care. But she did not stop there, she developed  skin care that maintains the new skin and the taut muscles. These products are botanically based and show desired results within 14 days.

BOC Skin Care was created with minimalists in mind. It is simple and not complicated. It consists of three products. Cleanser that replaces the need for harsh exfoliants and even the rotating brushes found today in any department store.  The Peptide Serum that stimulates new cell growth and Ultimate Antioxidant Moisturizer abundant in essential nutrients. And of course the delicate area of the eye gets a boost of nutrients from Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA cream that strengthens the skin under the eye as well as the lip area)

Here are the 3 Tips to reduce the double chin and defy the gravity:

  1. Adjust your chair at the office so that you don’t look down but rather straight ahead.
  2. Lift your phone half an inch higher while checking messages
  3. Don’t read in bed and don’t watch tv lying down.

The next step is to find a spa that offers Beauty On Command Natural Face Lift/ Neck Lift. Currently Yolanda Russo, founder of this amazing and painless system offers it at Speranzi Facial Spa. This is for if you feel ‘old’ and unhappy about the way you look.

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