Everyday is a Valentine’s Day

Love and Gratitude

This new year, 2021, is full of hope and potential for finding greatness within each one of us. Having gone through tumultuous 2020 you might feel that material things mean much less than the love and gratitude from your family and special people in your life.

Let’s make 2021 a year of Everyday is a Valentine’s Day. There is no greater wisdom than kindness. It is found in each of us individually and collectively. The trick to it is that most of us don’t practice it. Why wait for this one day in a year to manifest your love and kindness towards someone special. And what about loving yourself?

According to neuroscience, a gift of kindness toward the other boosts happiness in the giver. At this time we all need an extra dose of happiness so let’s shift our attitude towards loving ourselves and other people in our life.

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