Why High Sugar and Low-Fat Diet Ages You

Skin Aging is Caused by Glycation

Did you know that a can of soda contains an equivalent of 6 teaspoons of sugar? And that is 25 grams of sugar which according to new recommendations of (WHO) World Health Organization

The fact is that sugar hides in foods that you might think are good for you- cereals, baked goods, fat-free salad dressings, ketchup. But the food labels are not always helpful in listing the correct amount of sugar as sometimes it is the corn syrup or the high fructose elevate sugar content. The Food and Drug Administration is proposing food label changes which would make much easier to see the manufacturers added sugars as opposed to natural ones.

How can you tame the sugar cravings and what are some easy ways to cut on the sweet stuff?

I always recommend home remedies for your skin and now I can give you a couple suggestions that take very little effort and help you not feel deprived. At first, cutting the sugar will hurt your taste buds but if you are willing to make your own smoothie in the morning instead of store-bought version you’ll be a winner. Those home made taste so good that you won’t think much about the sugar. Second quick option to cut a daily sugar in half in your coffee or the oatmeal, try to add a dash of cinnamon to make it taste sweet. Cinnamon is a spice that helps food taste sweeter even if the are not laden with sugar.

Sugar is a hard habit to kick but weaning off of it slowly will allow your taste buds get used to less sugar and assure that you won’t bounce right back to it. But try it for a month and notice that you will be able to control stress with cool head, your waste line will shrink and your skin won’t show sagging as much. Diet foods and drinks contain sugar substitutes that may not be healthy for you either. Make sure to read the label and find out what is the name of the sugar substitute before drinking it. Here is a list of worst sugar substitutes and why you need to avoid them.

Here are some bad sugar substitutes

  • Equal(Aspartame)
  • Sweet N’ Low. (saccharin)
  • Splenda(sucralose)

Good sugar substitutes

  • Stevia
  • Raw Honey (darker kind)
  • Organic Maple Syrup

Did you lose weight and noticing your skin is become crepey? Some of the reasons for skin thinning and crinkling is a rapid loss of padding under the skin which is made of fats and of course depleted collagen due to sun damage.

There was a time when we were led to believe that all fat was bad for our health and contributed to weight gain. Many people started looking at fats as something to avoid and for years they followed a low-fat diets. But then another research found benefits of saturated fat on heart health, hormonal health and even skin hydration but people are still looking for low-fat foods. Maybe because low-fat foods have added sugar to improve its taste. If you have been avoiding natural fats for years, your skin and your hair must be feeling dry, and your face shows wrinkles in spite of extra moisturizer you are applying daily. Why? There are three layers of the skin, top layer called epidermis which is essentially a layer of dead cells, dermis containing blood vessels and cells that deliver water and nutrients to the skin, and subcutaneous layer -fat layer-responsible for maintaining body temperature and for cushioning of the muscles, bones and organs against physical trauma.

According to the researchers Mediterranean diet is great for body and for the skin as it contains lots of proteins, healthy fats and low carbs. When your skin shows slight crepey-ness you can remedy that by eating a healthy diet and apply special moisturizers such as BOC Crepey Skin Repair Creme containing a brewers yeast which boosts cellular energy thus stimulates collagen production.

Yolanda Russo, skin care expert and wellness educator at Speranzi Facial Spa, NJ.