Help My Acne Go Away!

My acne is not going away

Understand Your Acne

You might have tried every product that you know of to help you heal your acne. It worked on your friends skin but not on yours. Why?

The first and most important factor in dealing with acne is understanding the cause of your acne. Most definitely, your acne is not the same as anyone else’s and this is why some things work on them but don’t respond at all on your skin.

Acne tends to begin during the teenage years where the oil production is increased due to hormonal ups and downs. Most young people are not used to a good skin care routine and try to buy a skin care product and put all hopes on it only to find out that it did not help their acne problem. Let’s talk about acne triggers instead of causes, since there is not one cause of acne.

Oily foods, dairy and chocolate is known to cause breakouts. How would you know that those foods are a problem for you? Your zits will appear on cheeks within 24 hrs up to 48 hrs after eating any of those. So if you are trying to wash the face twice a day with a product that is known to help acne skin such as AHA CLEANSER and still break out, it’s time to adjust your diet to support your body to repair the damage in addition to seeing a skin care professional who can help you with an overall skin balance.

What is your home care routine

One of the greatest acne solutions are fruit acids containing glycolic acid, AHA acids, and natural salicylic acid. Those are gentle on the skin but effective on your clogged pores. Many people use benzoyl peroxide which is also very effective in combating acne but when used too frequently it tends to irritate and overdry the skin. Don’t overuse the products that irritate the skin to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of dryness. One of the reason you struggle to keep the balance is when the skin is too dry it signals the body to moisturize it with its own oils. Those oils are thicker and clog the pores in addition to make your face shiny and sticky.

What are you doing wrong?

Most people who struggle with acne think more is better and they over exfoliate the skin while mixing scrubs with a salicylic acid cleanser, over dry the skin with the electric brush which seem innocent at first but then the skin starts showing redness and irritation. Doing too much can hurt the skin and make the acne become worse.

If your dermatologist prescribed you Retinol-A then ask them when should you use the salicylic acid and your benzoyl peroxide. Make sure not to use any of those product together as the skin will tell you it had too much by flaking off and dryness. Do not double up on the product, when your cleanse with a salicylic acid cleanser don’t exfoliate with a salicylic pad at the same time. Keep them seperate and that may mean you need to have two different cleansers at home.

Adult acne is treated much differently than teen acne in that the products used are less harsh such as Triple Exfoliating Cleanser which is our clients favorite.

Don’t suffer alone, get help

Many types of acne can resolve easily with the help of a skin care professional but if your acne is not clearing up and it is painful you might need to see a dermatologist.