The Benefits Of Skin Exfoliation

Skin Exfoliation
Yolanda Russo, Skin Care Expert Recommends Weekly Exfoliation

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Welcome. Before I begin, as you know, I am a skincare expert, not a doctor, all of the content on this podcast is intended for informational purposes only, please use common sense. And if you need any other help or a medical help, please seek an advice from your physician. Today I wanted to talk about exfoliation and the need for it and why is it important to exfoliate, there is a deeper subject to exfoliation than just resurfacing the face, and your body.

According to research, our biological age can appear different from chronological age, and that is purely because every cell in our body replaces itself over the course of seven to 10 years. That is so interesting, our bones, our organs, our veins, everything is recycled. Just look at your hair and nails. That means we need to maintain that from outside, and also from the inside. The Healthier You are the quicker your hair grows that you notice, so now you know why you need to exfoliate, so even if you are visiting the spa once a month you still have to do something at home on a weekly basis, or if you have a great cleanser, such as ours, the Triple Exfoliating Cleanser that you can use every other day and it’s just the skin. It melts the skin, the dry skin off of your face without any irritation.

As a home remedy, you can use freshly squeezed lemon juice. So, what does exfoliation mean for the skin for the face, and the body, it simply means that the skin is going to breathe is going to absorb the nutrients from the products that you apply, much more readily, When you are young the skin exfoliates itself you don’t really need to help it, it always looks glowing. But at some point of life, conditions like stress, some damage or other things slow down the process of removing the dead skin cell cells and that’s why we need to help it.

The physical exfoliants are cleansing scrubs the harsh gritty stuff, or loofahs. That’s the two common methods of DIY exfoliation at home. They’re very economical and mostly used by young people. I would also include the electrical brush that it’s sold everywhere that falls into the category of physical exfoliation, and it is, even though it’s looks innocent, it is harsh.

So, anyone after 35 should definitely pull back on the physical exfoliation altogether and use the other form of exfoliation which I’m going to mention later. So young, skin has a lot of oils, and it’s much thicker, so it can it can definitely tolerate all this. However, if the next day after exfoliation if you notice your skin is red, itchy, or patchy pullback on exfoliation, do it less frequently, or even don’t rub it as hard as you do now That’s for exfoliation for young skin for oily skin, anybody after 35 should use chemical exfoliation, which is gels, I like fruit acids. I love the fruit acids in cleansers moisturizers, and even serums. Salicylic acid is one of them and it’s best for a younger skin. Glycolic acid and Citric acid Lactic acid, those are those fruit acids are perfect for skin that is aging and it shows, less radiant skin more kind of patchy skin.

When you see wrinkles that is not necessarily a sign of aging, as much as the deposits might be residing on a surface, and they need to be simply exfoliated. So I like the exfoliation at the spa, of course Glycolic peels, Lactic peels, or even microdermabrasion very very good exfoliating treatment.

When you are at home and you just want to do something for yourself at home as I said earlier, you can definitely do a lemon juice lemon juice is a citric acid, which is also very beneficial for the skin, but it’s not stable so don’t save the citric lemon juice for tomorrow. Use it up, you don’t have to use it just on a face you can use it on your hair you can use it on your hands on your chest, anywhere you want exfoliation. Let’s talk about some fun stuff now and whip out our own body scrubs. At times your body feels itchy dry and flaky just as our face does And that’s why it is so important that at least once a week, you exfoliate your body in the shower.

First, if you’re a coffee drinker, you can use coffee grinds from your morning coffee. If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can use rounded flax seed for this dry scrub. For the coffee grinds scrub to be effective, your skin must be dry, don’t wet the skin. So ideally jump into the shower. Add a shower gel to your coffee grinds and scrub your skin with some washcloth or something, just in a circular motion. Do it for like two minutes, make sure you get everywhere, including your feet so you don’t. So the feet don’t miss out on that it is going to be so rewarding because the skin is going to be so moisturize afterwards. I don’t know what it is in the coffee grinds, but it’s just your skin gets moisturize at the same time as it is exfoliated.

Alternatively, if you don’t like the mess the coffee makes you can use brown sugar, so do the same brown sugar with the coffee with the shower gel. And that makes it a perfect scrub. It’s a little harsher than I would like to see but you will you will get the hang of it, once you try a few different kinds.

One more exfoliation that it’s excellent for the whole body, the face, the hair, the skin. it’s actually a buttermilk –not a yogurt. So if you are a buttermilk drinker if you know what this is. It contains lactic acid it’s excellent for exfoliation.

Again, thanks for listening, and we’ll see you in the next episode. Don’t forget to subscribe and share it with your friends. When I first started in my skincare business, two decades ago, I wanted to use the best skincare I could find. I wanted my clients to leave my facial room amazed. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with anything out there, and that’s when I decided to create my own products that are safe, effective, and clinically tested to work .And that’s when Beauty On Command was born. My clients love it and I know you will love it too. If you’re on a market for a new cleanser or a new moisturizer head on to and click on a BOC SkinCare page and take a look at the product ingredients yourself.

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