The Law Of Vibration and Beauty

As Albert Einstein said “Everything In Life Is Vibration” We are surrounded by the energy of vibration that we can feel but can NOT see. When we are depressed or tired, our vibration is lower than when we are happy, which causes us to brighten up. Interestingly, we seem to attract exactly what we send out; when one bad thing happens, usually another follows. When we have a good day, everyone around us seems to be having a good day also.! Sometimes we resonate with positive energy and feel good, yet other times, we allow the negative energy affect us causing tension and anxiety. You are in control of this exchange of energy. Let’s find out how you can reset those patterns by reading chapter 5 in RE-TRAIN YOUR FACE, by Yolanda Russo.

Our skin has the ability to feel touch without even being physically touched, for example during a Reiki treatment our nervous system is able to receive signals from the outside world and we respond to them by sensation of peace and calm. By the same token, how many times have you had a gut feeling about calling someone only to get the phone call from them? It’s not magic, it’s law of vibration connecting all of us as one.

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