The Law Of Vibration and Beauty

Yolanda Russo, skin care expert and a life coach. Join our community at
What are the main reasons we age prematurely?
Yolanda,skin care expert and a life coach explains

As Albert Einstein said “Everything In Life Is Vibration” We are surrounded by the energy of vibration that we can feel but can NOT see. When we are depressed or tired, our vibration is lower than when we are happy, which causes us to brighten up. Interestingly, we seem to attract exactly what we send out; when one bad thing happens, usually another follows. When we have a good day, everyone around us seems to be having a good day also.! Sometimes we resonate with positive energy and feel good, yet other times, we allow the negative energy affect us causing tension and anxiety. You are in control of this exchange of energy. Let’s find out how in chapter 5 of RETRAIN YOUR FACE a book by Yolanda Russo, skin care expert.

Our skin has the ability to feel touch without even being physically touched, for example during a Reiki treatment or other types of bodywork. Our nervous system is able to receive signals from the outside world and we react to those accordingly. How many times have you had a gut feeling about something or someone and found out that you were right? Life pressures and harmful stressors contribute to the emotions etching creases on our faces. Fortunately, we can change this by implementing a sensible diet and simple exercise program in addition to deep breathing. Again, we are responsible for our wellness and beauty. There are many options we can choose to make to improve our wellbeing and positively impact the fountain of youth that is inside of us.