Use Exfoliating Cleansers

BOC Beauty On Command Skin Care
Perfect cleanser for any skin.

Fruit acids are wonderful for dry skin, acne skin and aging skin. You might be wondering if you can use an exfoliating cleanser daily, and that is a great question but the answer will depend on a condition of your skin. Dry, sensitive and flaky skin can’t use any exfoliating cleanser more than twice a week but if your skin has large pores and feels sticky at times you can use it everyday until the skin balance is good. You can then rotate this cleaner and another non-clogging cleanser to maintain your youthful look.

Benefits of using fruit acids on the skin are plenty. The most important is anti aging effect. Once you use this cleanser for a couple of days you’ll notice the skin begins to have a fresh glow regardless of your age. How is this possible? Your skin’s turnover rate had been dramatically increased and you are shedding the dead skin cells at much faster speed than before causing you to look and feel years younger.

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