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Are you worrying about your skin? Are you breaking out? Is your skin sagging? Can’t visit Yolanda for a facial treatment at the spa? Let Yolanda help you navigate all of this and create a plan for you so that you look good anytime.
Take a deep breath and enjoy

Book your Virtual Consultation/Visit by calling 973 228 7727.

How does it work? After we’ve scheduled your Virtual Consultation we’ll use your phone to connect. This call is a discovery call during which I will ask you general questions regarding your home care routine and find out what your goals are. The second is a TELEVISIT I will need to know more details that include your pictures before and your current photos. We’ll focus on one problem area. I will need to know exactly what your goals are so that I can give you step-by-step plan to follow. You will receive those instructions in a video so that you can follow it exactly as recommended. All you have to do is stick to the plan and see your skin transforming before your eyes.

Everyday we are bombarded with advertising messages, and infomercials promoting beauty elixirs that are designed to sell skin care products not to help you. Do they work? Not in my experience. I have tried a couple of well promoted products backed by a well produced video that sells a message more than a product.

Join me in the effort of reaching you were you are and help you understand how does our healthy lifestyle and simple natural skin care can impact your skin. From my experience, all you need your two hands and the right combination of products to transform your skin quickly to a younger and a healthy looking. BOC Skin Care products are used during the facials and are recommended for a home use.

Acne skin, aging skin and problem skin might be exacerbated by a wrong use of product or food sensitivities in addition to bad habits such as touching the skin.

What can you expect while on the call? You will present a problem you are having with your skin, show the skin care you currently use at home and have a brief consultation while Yolanda will give you a roadmap of how you can help the skin right away.

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