What About Your Acne?

Perfect Home Remedy For Acne Scars : Lemon Juice Toner/Mask

My name is Yolanda Russo, skincare expert at Speranzi Facial Spa. And today, I am definitely on a mission to help those who suffer from acne, especially the acne that is caused by stress and anxiety of 2020 foods, especially American Standard Diet, rich in high glycemic foods and processed foods, sugars, triggers that inflammation in the body in the gut and as a result show up as a zit on your face to be exact right in the center of your cheek.

Stress are another stressor that triggers acne. So know this, even if you suffered during your youth, during your early years if you’re a past 19, and you’re still having acne issues we are going to talk.

Scientist finally found the gut-skin connection and now we know that most of the immunity is created in the gut. And what is immunity. Each cell feeds on the nutrition that you pack into your stomach. So if you put healthy nutrients by drinking freshly brewed green juices your skin and your body feed off of if and make you feel good and look good. But when you put junk foods into your stomach the end result is going to be acne breakouts. You won’t feel good either. That’s why we need to find substitutes for the foods that you like that taste good but they’re not so good for you. Potato chips, french fries, fried foods, and lots of different things that you probably are aware of sodas, you should stop drinking sodas. Just replace that with mineral water and a little bit of lemon juice a lemon from fresh lemon or maybe a freshly opened pomegranate juice. Simply squeeze the goodness into the water and you’ll have the home made ice tea. It takes courage to get used to a new way of eating and living but it is worth it. Nothing is going to change until you do something about your acne problem. Don’t squeeze your acne, instead,heal it from inside out. Begin your journey to healing acne with the right diet and skin care products that are good for your skin.

Stress is another thing that affects our immunity. When you’re stressed when you are fearful when you’re disappointed or even depressed. You are not supplying the energy of yourself so that they can protect you, so anything can happen. And in this case, acne flares up. Fortunately, during the facial treatment I help you understand how to calm your body and mind in order for the skin to look and feel healthy. In addition, you’ll leave the facial room knowing exactly what to do at home to keep your skin fresh and glowing

Many people go online to help themselves and spend money on skin care products their friends are using in hopes that it’ll work for them. This strategy rarely works simply because vast skin issues might be triggered by various daily habits such as touching the face, not washing it correctly or over exfoliating.

BOC Skin Care and Acne Skin Care Zit Zapper Bar Skin Care lines are plant based and easily assimilated by the skin.  Your home care will be recommended by your esthetician and it will include three products: Cleanser, Moisturizer and Spot Treatment or a Facial Mask. The young skin will benefit from AHA’s, BHA’s and Lactic Acids whereas more mature skin from Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Don’t overwhelm the skin with applying a wrong skin care products, I recommend visiting our store www.beauoutlet.com and selecting a simple yet effective skin care that is helpful in relieving many skin dilemmas.

Listen to our podcast on this subject below.

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