What if you could look younger?

Even if you can’t stop time, you can reverse the signs of aging by focusing on your health.  This may sound too simplistic at first but without you being healthy and strong you can’t look younger. Lack of sleep depletes energy that shows up under the eyes and when it continues for a long time it shows up on your jawline as the facial muscles become weaker and the skin begins to sag. Lack of a healthy diet that includes lots of proteins and lots of greens will prevent the laboratory within you produce what is needed to keep you healthy. When you feel weak and undernourished you feel sick, maybe even depressed. And that ultimately makes you look drawn and not-so-glowing. Your body and mind is reflected in your facial expressions and the skin tone.

I am not suggesting that healthy diet or good sleeping habits are going to make you look the way you want but then you’ll have the desire to look for more healthy ways to combat  skin aging. Stacking up on every lotion and potion that promises miracles is not a good solution since you don’t know whole a lot about the ingredients and how they can support your skin right now. I definitely recommend having a professional skin care analysis and learn as much as you can about your skin and about the needs of your skin. Everyone has different needs that need to be addressed so don’t be taken off guards by the great looking celebrities promoting another miracle potion that makes you look 10 years younger. It can’t happen.

The youthful look is a combination of a good health, good emotional health and a simple yet effective skin care routine.  Making simple tweaks in your skin care can put you in a state of control over the inevitable. Once you begin believing in your own power you won’t be tempted to look for instant gratification treatments such as injectables or other painful and potentially disfiguring procedures. Look at some of the celebrities how plastic or frozen their face looks like. Look at some of your friends who had the cheeks lifted with the fillers and they look funny but in their minds their cheeks are lifted again but they are not noticing what their neck or even the forehead looks like.

In conclusion I am hoping you will try incorporating a few of these healthy habits into your daily life so that you can looking younger and create a consistent boost of energy by implementing a couple of healthy lifestyle choices into your daily routine. Watch the video to learn how to keep your skin looking young.

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