Women Always Want To Look Younger

What about selfies?

It does not matter what age you are the whole selfies phenomena took over the so-called private lives and we are now all public figures. You want to find out what your boyfriend’s girlfriend looks like and compare it to your pictures? That might be too easy but at the same time depressing. What if she was photo shopped? What if she’s gotten a spray tan before taking that pic? You’ll never know that. All what you are frustrated about is you look older than her.

What do you do?

You can’t take another selfie until you get your skin under control. You are then asking your Facebook friends about Cindy Crawford’s or other celebrity endorsed serums. And then you are going to run into the department store and ask about best anti aging cream and you are most likely going to get what is not so-good for your skin. You have not learned that yet. Soon your bathroom drawer is going to be overflowing with anti aging stuff that do nothing for your skin.

What do you do then when you notice the signs of aging? Don’t run to get the injections right away as this only a band-aid. There is more to you skin aging than one line on the forehead or the crows feet. Everything is fixable naturally but you don’t hear about it because everyone is talking about quick-fixes.

Get your skin looking healthy and young again by following a skin care program designed by your esthetician.

Google reviews are very helpful for find the best local facial spa in your area. Trust their knowledge and follow the program. It may feel like a job at first but once you start seeing the results, and it should take about 2 weeks to see the results, you are on a way of looking better that any girl on your boyfriend’s faves list.

If you have trouble finding help you can have a consultation online with Yolanda Russo, Aesthetic Scientist who can offer you an advise on your skin care as well as help you with your skin problems while recommending natural solutions.

To find out more about your skin and what is really aging you visit www.speranzi.com and Let’s Have A Chat. All you need to do is submit your selfie and list your skin care products you currently use. Get an advise from the expert right away.

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