Self Care is Self Love

I am home, you are home, we are home.

How do you feel during the coronavirus Stay-Home orders? Are you happy that you have more time to sleep? Happy to spend time to spend with your family?

As long as we are practicing physical distancing, notice I don’t call it social distancing, you are safe.

Spring is here and this is a good time to get something done. If you are like most people, spending money skin care products in hopes that it does a magic turnaround for your complexion, your vanity drawer must be full of products you are disappointed with and not using. What if you could use it somewhere else?

Your chest, neck and top of your hands suffers from the negative effects of the sun damage, why not to use them on those parts of your body? Some other products can be used on the arms and the legs which are most likely dry. The change of season is always challenging and to get the most of your body moisturizer, exfoliate the skin prior to moisturizing it.

At the moment my facial spa, Speranzi Facial Spa, Verona NJ is closed during the pandemic, I decided to help my clients do something interesting to distract themselves from a current situation. Here is my new podcast where you can listen to a real skin care consultations and straight forward answers which might help you to get back into routine. My first episode is all about cleaning out your vanity drawer that most likely is full of expensive creams and serums you don’t use on the face.